Théo Moutti [M2TY]

Interactive Music Designer (Composer) & Sound Designer


I am Théo!

I started to study music at the age of 10, first with the guitar, electric or acoustic, then I started to experiment very quickly on my own with piano, bass or synthesizers. I'm proud to be a multi-instrumentalist now. I am also a great lover of cinema (genre, author, foreign, animation, etc.…) and a big gamer!

Proud of the origins and the musical culture that my parents and my family were able to instill in me.
I left my professional field without regret (the web and communication) in order to embrace my passion: sound and music!

In 2020, I joined ISART Digital Paris in order to expand my knowledge, as well as my technique to obtain a degree in music and sound design (which includes interactive audio and sound design).

With a good understanding of programming, game engines, and audio engines, I intend to specialize in creating deep and complex musical (or audio) audio systems to enhance the gaming experience of players. And if life allows me, in a slightly different field, to compose for movies.

- Théo Moutti

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